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"An international symposium and an exhibition about callais"
An international symposium was held in Carnac on the 1st and 2nd of April 2015. The subject was around the variscite, a semi-precious stone, light green in colour, called "callais" by the ancient authors.

Found in large quantities from 1853 in the tumuli of the Carnac region, this ornament was the subject of an intense research activity within the last twenty years. Fifteen European researchers, archaeologists, geologists, gemologists and chemists ..., gathered in Carnac to disclose the results of their investigations on these prestigious goods of the Neolithic Period in Western Europe.

A new exhibition accompanied the symposium. Now integrated into the course of the permanent collections, it brings together a hundred variscite ornaments and a series of geological samples. Multimedia devices and events around the polished ornaments of the Neolithic Period completes the presentation.
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