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The James Miln-Zacharie Le Rouzic Prehistory Museum (Carnac) Temporary Exhibition " Marthe and Saint-Just Péquart, archeologists of the Isles of Brittany, from Houat to Hoedic, 1923-1934".

he islands of Southern Brittany became a favourite hunting ground for Marthe and Saint-Just Péquart, a couple of inspired archaeologists who were active in the first half of the twentieth century. They especially explored the islands of Téviec and Hoedic (in the Morbihan region) expecting to find habitats from the same age as the megaliths. In fact they uncovered two of the most important necropoles of the hunter-gatherer period, contemporary with the first Neolithic famers.

The Pequarts at Azil house in Ariège

Pioneers of modern archaeology and cinema
With reconstructions, artefacts and archives which have never before been shown to the public, the exhibition explores the Péquart couple’s life, showing their excavations and innovations. The films shot on Téviec, Hoedic, Er Yok and Er Lannic, probably amongst the first scientific documentaries about prehistoric times, are a high-point of the exhibition.

A Paillard Camera

Exhibition by The Melvan Association in partnership with The Prehistory Museum of Carnac. Archives from National Natural History Museum and C. Morel-Péquart.

This exhibition is supported by Carnac Council, Hoedic Town, The Morbihan General Council, the Regional Council of Brittany and Brittany Regional Cultural Affairs Office.

Emile Bouillon and Marthe Péquart by a communal grave at Téviec

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