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The Paleolithic Age

The Paleolithic Age is represented at Carnac by Saint Colomban, one of the most ancient prehistoric sites in Brittany.

Paleolithic biface

Choppers and chopping tools

The Mesolithic Age

The Mesolithic Age is a transition period between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic Ages. In this museum Téviec and Hoëdic, two very fine examples of the mesolithic period are explained. Both are settling places where numerous burial sites have been found. The display includes a reconstruction of a double grave (which contained the remains of a thirty year old woman and a child of between 3 and 5 years old).

A Mesolithic grave

Shell necklace

Microlith hunting blades

The Neolithic Age and the After World

Megalithic architecture in the West is one of the most remarkable phenomena of the period. The Dolmens were communal graves, while the stone alignments had a more symbolic role.
A series of exhibits in Prehistory Museum shows how megalithic architecture developed between 4500 and 2000 BC.

A Neolithic necklace

Neolithic Engravings

Casts of the stone engravings from several dolmens demonstrate a whole range of different representations (including idols, signs and figures). The interpretations of these engravings differ.

Detail of an engraving from Luffang

Engravings Hall

Engraving from Mané Kerioned

Everyday Life in the Neolithic Age

The Neolithic Age represents an important chapter in human evolution. At this time, people began to settle and started living in houses, sometimes gathered together in groups like villages. They grew crops and reared livestock. New techniques were developed. In the Everyday Life Room of the Prehistory Museum, one by one, the exhibits show, agriculture, livestock farming, production of ceramics, flint carving, stone polishing, bone tools, weaving, examples of jewellery, beads and pendants made from green stone (callaïs), polished axes, axe-head pendants and ring disks.


Axe-heads from Petit-Rohu at Saint-Pierre Quiberon

Silex arrow heads

Neolithic pottery