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museum history
The collections of Prehistory Museum in Carnac originally belonged to James Miln, a rich Scottish scholar and enthusiastic archaeologist. Miln explored many sites, employing a young local, Zacharie Le Rouzic, to help in his research.

In 1881, James Miln died in Glasgow and bequeathed his entire collection to Carnac. His brother Robert had a museum built so that the collections could be shown.Zacharie Le Rouzic, himself a prehistorian, and specialised in the local area also went on to donate his own collections to Carnac.

By way of thanks the Prehistory Museum is also named after James Miln and Zacharie Le Rouzic. In 1978 the Town Council decided to transfer the Museum to the presbytery building.
visiting the prehistory museum
The exhibition is chronological, taking visitors from the Stone Age up to Gallo-Roman times, focussing on specific themes in each era. The different archaeological sites are each explored in turn.

The Museum’s schools liaisons staff are available to help you organise visits, guided tours or learning workshops.

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