school visits
Schools Liaisons Staff

The Prehistory Museum offers several options for schools. Our heritage mediators are available to help you with your project and to welcome you to the museum.

Schools visits start with observation of the artefacts on display.

For your visit we will happily adapt to your project and the needs of your pupils.

The activities use a fun, hands-on approach, with the pupils leading their own learning, while broadening their understanding of prehistory.

An original way to tackle the school curriculum.

Types of visit :
  • Open Visit
  • Guided tour (1 to 2 hours)
  • Demonstration of a prehistoric technique (30 mins)
  • Workshop (1½ to 2 hours)
  • A Day at the Museum
  • Intervention in the classroom

Day visits

Learn about everyday life in prehistoric times

on the lifestyles of the Paleolithic hunter-gatherers and farmers of the Neolithic Age.

Guided tour +
prehistoric tools workshop (leather, bone, stone and lighting fires)

Learn about everyday life in the Neolithic Period

Find out how lifestyles changed throughout the Neolithic period and about the appearance of the megalithic monuments. What was life like for the first farmers in the region ?

Guided tour +
Neolithic tools workshop (jewellery, weaving, pottery, farming)

Explore the Prehistory Museum and the megaliths in Carnac

Combine a time of observation of the archaeological findings preserved in the Museum with visits to the outdoor sites around Carnac.

Guided tour +
exploring the archaeological sites (transport not provided).

Useful Information

Reservations for groups must be made in advance by telephone (even for open visits),
tel : 33 (0)2 9752 2204

For information and reservations
please call museum reception :