The Péquart Digs

The Péquart Digs

A space is dedicated to the work of Marthe and Saint-Just Péquart, who were self-taught archaeologists exploring the Morbihan area from 1923 to 1934.

They searched the islands of Téviec and Hoedic (Morbihan) thinking they might find evidence of people who were contemporary with the megaliths, finally they brought light on two of the most important burial grounds of the last of the hunter-gatherers, who were in fact contemporary with the first farmer-breeders of the neolithic age.

The Péquart Family at the Mas d’Azil House (in Ariège)

High Points of the visit : Films shot at Téviec, Hoedic, Er Yoh, and Er Lannic… probably the first scientific documentaries on prehistory.

Exhibition curated with the Melvan Association.

Emile Bouillon and Marthe Péquart standing in front of a collective burial sepulcher at Téviec (56)