Thanks to the Pass des Mégalithes, get special prices to visit the exceptional sites of Morbihan.


What is The Pass des Mégalithes ?

The Pass des Mégalithes includes access to the Carnac standing stones, the Prehistory Museum, the Cairn of petit-Mont, the Cairn of Gavrinis and the Locmariaquer megalith site.

Like a passport, the Pass des Mégalithes will be given to you free at the first site you visit when you pay for a full price entry.
It will be stamped at each of the other 4 sites you visit.


How does it work ?

Pay full price for the first site to be visited. The free Pass will be given to you when you visit the site.

To book the other sites, select the special tariff Pass des Mégalithes to visit sites participating in this offer. Don’t forget to show your Pass at each site !


History lovers will enjoy visiting the marvelous megaliths of Morbihan at a reduced fee.