With a wealth of learning activities dealing with prehistory, antiquity and archaeology. A team of staff is at the ready to welcome and advise you on your group visits.


We do offer bespoke school visits, adapted to the age and level or the pupils and to your teaching project.


All activities at Carnac Museum are practical, interactive and based on observation of the museum artefacts. These activities provide pupil-lead learning, allowing them to discover and further their understanding of the subjects, at their own pace.


There are different approaches on offer :

  • Open visit (pupils can follow an exploration trail independently in French or in Breton).

  • Guided visits

  • Visit of the megalithic sites (if you are in a coach)


  • Demonstration of a prehistoric techniques

  • The workshop

In the TEACHERS FILE you’ll find several suggestions for organizing activities for a half-day or a whole-day visit, and their practical details.

Take a look at the Teachers File (calaméo)

Other Groups

Whether you are amateur historians are simply curious, we offer a programme of visits and activities to suit all needs.

All group visits must be reserved (even for open visits).

Contact us for group visits